Friday, June 18, 2010

Early Morning Admission

"I won't grow up." she said all matter of fact. Like she has a choice. She added, "I want to stay this age forever. And come to your bed, like now. And play all day and not have a backache." I told her about all of the wonderful things kids can do when they get older: learn to do cartwheels, skateboard, ski, swim, learn knock knock jokes and how to read, READ!! "No" she stated again, "I am not going to grow up." So I pulled her closer to me, inhaled the fading scent of baby breath and smelled yesterdays sunscreen and kissed her head. Wishing, too, that she could stay this age forver. We stayed in our cuddle for a bit, talking about what the day would bring when she noticed a hang gliding commercial on the television. "Hey Mama, Can I do that when I get big?" ;).

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